Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lessons from my mother...

My mother was a one of a kind woman, every day when I think of her and I get sad, I try to remind myself that I was lucky enough to have known her for 26ish years of my life - and during that time she taught me some very valuable lessons. Here are a few that I have been thinking about lately:

  • How to make fideo 
  • At least 15 different ways to make potatoes
  • Retail therapy
  • Honesty- how to be real with anyone and everyone that you encounter, not everyone appreciates this one
  • How to spoil and love my nieces
  • How to make a new meal with leftovers
  • How to spoil myself
  • How to make those that love me the most cry or infuriated with me
  • How to make other people wait on me
  • How to find treasures in antique shops or yard sales
  • How to make people laugh
  • How to wash dishes (with scolding hot water)
  • How to challenge people
  • How to ask the right questions to get people talking 
  • How to be a good chismosa
  • How to be obsessed with things, as of late collecting blankets and dolls
  • Give trust cautiously, not all those that claim they are your friends are so; knowing how to identify who is using you for their own advantage 
  • Sarcasm
Along with these I also constantly think about lessons she tried to teach me but I was not so quick to learn; I am currently trying to learn:
  • Work is not my life - I need to have a life outside of work
  • Buy good shoes, even if they are expensive, be nice to your feet; stop buying cute flats without arch support
  • How to make mole and tamales
  • How to make enchiladas (not your average ones but like the ones my mom made)
  • How to make friends with strangers within 5 minutes of meeting them
  • How to make food that my dad actually likes to eat
  • How to make plants grow (I kill all my plants, even succulents)
  • How to make Mexican rice
  • How to get over situations that make me mad- she was very good at not staying angry
  • How to laugh at life, and not take life too seriously
  • How to tell a good story
  • Sticking to a hobby (my mom gardened, knitted, journaled, cooked three meals a day, called myself and each of my siblings at least once a day and my grandmother several times a day, and had friends stop by periodically - all within the day and I have to force myself to go to the gym and to write)
I am looking to obtain lessons from my siblings as well, as she had a very unique relationship with each of us...

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  1. She sounds amazing and this is a great tribute to her. After you learn how to get over things and not stay mad, can you teach me?

  2. She sounds amazing and this is a great tribute to her. After you learn how to get over things and not stay mad, can you teach me?

  3. Thank you for sharing this. So much healing and love comes from this reflection and tribute to the things learned from your mother. In Lak'ech <3

    1. Thank you Edgar :) ❤️ Happy birthday!