Friday, March 24, 2017

Look out weekend - here I come

What's on the to do list this weekend?

Weekends can be a little crazy; especially when I am catching up on sleep 50% of the time

I've decided to do things differently and post "my top must get done plans" for the weekend as a way to hold myself accountable - also to document the pretty awesome things I do and fabulous people that I interact with.

So what's the plan?

Saturday's line up:

  • Finding a new place to brunch
  • Spending quality time with my boo
  • Walking around Lake Merrit (maybe gyming it up?)
  • Grocery shopping and meal prepping
Let's see how much I get done..

Blog post title inspired by my all time favorite jam: Look out weekend - Debbie Deb

Hasta la later friends!

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