Thursday, April 6, 2017

29 things to do and other birthday thoughts

I feel like this birthday thing is constantly seeking up on me. Ugh 2 - 9, um 29! Twenty-nine. TWENTY-NINE!!! There goes my 20s, one more year. Am I getting old? or am I just getting started? The last 3 years have been rough; like really hard. Like I don't want to wake the fuck up in the morning hard. I'm not joking.

Nonetheless, these years, these 29 years have been important in my development in becoming the best fucking human that I could possibly be - why am I using sooo many bad words? oh well, anyway....

Like I was saying- I started making this list thing when I turned 22 - I think I skipped a couple of years because you know - LIFE.

Here is the first one I wrote:

It's funny looking back and watching the evolution of these things I wanted, from material to simple moments captured in photos. While I feel that eventually I was able to attain all these things 22 year old me wanted - there are many other things in the last few years that still remain on my list.

So for 29 year old Karen's sake here is my list for the next Karen year... if at all you want to help me accomplish this greatness I have set forth for myself - holla! In no specific order as always:

  1. Pursue a new and different career, be passionate about the work you put into the world
  2. Continue writing, regardless how hard it is to write about myself, my mom, and others in my life, telling and writing stories make me feel whole
  3. Santa Barbara trip, with Karla + Tania
  4. Save more money, continue saving more money --> Need to pay off those student loans! wooo (grown up Karen)
  5. Graduate School is waiting for you - Where is Professor CHICXICANA?
  6. More giving back to the community yo!
  7. Coordinate an art show with Adrian
  8. Start writing some poetry, it doesn't have to be complex or hella deep - it can be about pizza
  9. Spend more time talking to dad, record his voice - he doesn't leave voicemails; use your recorder
  10. Throw yourself a unicorn themed birthday extravaganza
  11. Can you go dancing more often? I am pretty sure you use to like that
  12. Spend time with Alexia and Annayeli, they are getting old - do some arts and crafts
  13. Take more photos
  14. Buy yourself a nice camera
  15. Can you stop buying shoes where do you put them all?
  16. Hangout with your sister more - take her on a trip to like Vegas or something
  17. Visit Hector
  18. Make Jaime talk more, maybe try to help him learn how to cook?
  19. Go for walks more often
  20. Be less in a hurry
  21. Can you please start sleeping before 1AM on weeknights, your body is starting to hate the 4 hours of sleep 
  22. Write your letters to mom, it will help Karen - remember she is always with you; you need to process your feelings
  23. Learn to have patience - life is hard, and no it is not going to get any easier, you just need to be better at life and managing how you process it
  24. Be nicer to Adrian - you are hella crazy sometimes - he is messy - just accept it
  25. Stop eating so much pizza (hahaha, jk) - but really...
  26. Paint your nails different colors
  27. Wash clothes more often, not like every three weeks, that pile is getting crazy
  28. Keep working towards your health goals
  29. Stop saying you are old, all the actual OLD people around you are starting to feel self-conscious 

Picture of me and my mom at my 2nd birthday party. Adrian thinks that this is when I decided to be a Chingona - based on how I am eyeing that knife....


  1. #29 is so true! I'll help you with that, and eating your pizza for you. Love you & Happy Birthday!