Sunday, May 20, 2018

this is... 30

So now that I’m 30 – and all mature (winky face) – I thought I’d take a little longer to reflect on what my goals/list should be…

To be real – turning 30 has been very scary for me; it’s a new decade, I feel like it is the decade where “I’m supposed to know what I am doing with my life” – I’m supposed to master adulting… (yeah – it’s a word) – As a muxer – I feel like there is an expectation that I should have a kid by now…yadaayadda

To be super real – yeah – I might want all those things (eventually) but I ALSO want so MUCH MORE…

In no particular order:

1.      I need to learn how to love myself again; I’m angry, I’m bitter, life is not fair – regardless I need to love myself and cannot expect myself to be perfect and I need to stop comparing my present to my past self
2.      I need a new and consistent personal project to dive into; one thing that I have learned over the years is that I do my best work when my plate is close to full – I tend to drop all the balls I am juggling when I have too much time to relax/consume media/tv (on the internet)
3.      Draft my memoir; my life is super interesting up to this point – who better to document it…
4.      Bring my whole self to work; be Xicana at work – there was a time that I was really in people’s faces about the stereotypes they made and would call them out and try to educate…at one point it became too emotionally exhausting and I just stopped going to work on certain “holidays” – I am trying to find the right moments to embrace the “diversity”
5.      I want to pursue sitting on a Board for a museum here in San Francisco (Mexican Museum)
6.      I need to find a new Mentor
7.      I need to find someone to Mentor
8.      Explore hosting my own PODCAST
9.      Take an actual vacation
10.   Audit some graduate courses in the bay area
11.   Continued work on fitnesssssss and health
12.   Buy a house; or just get a bigger space
13.   Continue to save money
14.   Update budget
15.   Practice patience
16.   Practice your creativity – like the world is missing out, you are missing out by not sharing
17.   Build more altars
18.   Sleep at 7-8 hours a night
19.   Read more actual books
20.   Become an expert in my industry
21.   Attend more local events; support local artists, continue to build a community
22.   Write more letters to mom
23.   Ask Tia Lety to let you make copies of all her digital files of mom
24.   Purge more of the material things in your life
25.   Stop eating things that are bad for you!
26.   Continue to talk about yourself in the 3rd person – it is so cool
27.   Make yourself at least 10 awesome playlists for all occasions
28.   Start collecting vinyl records
29.   Ask Jaime to teach you how to DJ
30.   Spend time with family

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