Monday, November 11, 2019

Thirty ONE - here we go again - but for serious this time - LOL - 7 months later...

So it took me like 7 months to get my shit together and write my annual birthday list. I really don't know anymore if this is a wish list, to do list, affirmation list, or really what the actual ... 
Regardless here it is - more that half way through the year 31! Enjoy - hopefully in April I'll revisit it and see how I actually did! Wish me luck? Do you write lists like this? Do you like reading this? Who are you? I think this thing has comments... drop me a line? here, on Insta? call me? send me a text xoxo, chicXicana
  1. Say no more often; remember you don't owe anything to anyone
  2. Stop stressing out, you should only worry about the things that are in your control
  3. Develop skills that will help you continue to grow your career
  4. Take advantage of all the professional development that work provides you
  5. Meditate 
  6. Drink more WATER
  7. Stick to a skincare routine - you are going to get wrinkles but you still need to you know put on sunscreen and all that ish
  8. Look in the mirror at least once a day and tell yourself that you are beautiful bitch - eres la mas gorgeous girl in the fucking world and don't you forget it
  9. Lose weight for the sake of your own health, hold yourself accountable to it; seek help; document it, be healthy
  10. Fine tune your green thumb
  11. Build yourself a realistic routine
  12. Plan at least 4 trips a year to recharge; they can be long, short, one day
  13. Buy yourself and Adrian bikes and bike!
  14. Give Adrian more hugs and kisses
  15. Take the dogs out for walks more often
  16. Sit outside and enjoy the outdoors
  17. Fuck negative energy
  18. Write, Karen - you don't have to fear "it not being good enough" - dude just write - remember how good you feel after each time you write - even if it is just a little
  19. Explore hosting my own PODCAST, be more active on social, be an open book - let it come naturally- fuck it if ppl judge you - "sharing is Karen"
  20. Visit the place where your parents were born/raised
  21. Save money - reality check - you need to save hella money to retire early
  22. Practice your creativity more often
  23. Go on a daily walk - find time; morning walk to work, get off one stop early, take a break during lunch (you tend to solve problems during walks), after dinner, figure it out - it will be pay off in the long run
  24. Read more books, blogs, articles, girl be inspired
  25. Find community, it is okay to make new friends
  26. LET GO OF TOXIC PEOPLE AND TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS, talk about it if you have to - if people don't love you as you are - you don't need them and they don't need you
  27. Write letters, to yourself, to your mom, to Adrian (homie deserves so many love letters)
  28. Play music - it makes you happy - you deserve to be happy
  29. Sell stuff, succulents, plants, crafts, art, clothes - be the curator you are - chicXicana - share it with the world you know you want to
  30. Spend time with family, immediate, extended - you need familia