Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Low key I'm 32 but still feel 27 - goals and other stuff

So I said I was going to write this back in June - and technically I wrote most of this in my handwritten journal back in July - but now just getting around to posting here - guys it is fucken SEPTEMBER already - I am more than 4 months into being 32 year old Karen - dude I am exhausted. 

Statement stands strong fuck 2020 - this year kinda really sucks. Everything feels like it is falling apart, a trash fire, etc. and or maybe it is just reality being amplified. WHATEVER. This whole working from home thing is really cool and I dig it. Sure I miss socializing with people in real life - but not really most of my coworkers - if ya'll found this some how - it is the truth and now you know I don't like most of ya'll get over it and leave the online stalking to me - thank you!

Anyway back to me... as always here are X things I'd like to do sometime this year as a 32 year old in no particular order - in case you don't know - I love to do lists, it is the only way for me to get anything done and also creates some kind accountability for myself - also pretty neat to look back and reflect on where I was at during X ages - enjoy!!! not going to list 32 goals because I don't want to focus on a set number of goals - and I still feel 27!!! Also might have dyed some of my hair pink and might be cutting it soon (yes - myself - no I am not scared - it is hair and it grows back)!

  1. Officially career re-direct myself. I've been saying this for sometime - but time is for real up - I've been at WF for TEN YEARS this September! I need to say goodbye and move on to other things - so if you know of anything you think I'd be ideal for - holla - on the real - ready for the next challenge - I've given that place some of the best years of my 20s - I learned so much and had some great managers, support, mentors - they will miss me and that is okay. I am putting this out into the universe because I am ready for it to manifest.
  2. Declare myself financially stable, continue down the path of being a saver, and take necessary steps to build generational wealth.
  3. Read more books - especially books that are not self help - I need more fiction and non fiction books to feel inspired...
  4. So that I can start drafting my memoir - too soon? Naw - I don't know if you all are ready to know about the life I've lived - I don't know that I believe it most of the time
  5. Also I need to really share all my random recipes - I haven't gotten to cook for my friends in what feels like years - and I really miss hosting... doesn't my food look delicious on Instagram? por eso soy una gordita... 
  6. And don't get me wrong - I will probably always be a gordita...but I am getting back to being a healthy gordita - 18lbs down and counting - the fitness and health journey continues and is still on this list and will be on here for life...
  7. With the 2 goals mentioned above being related to writing - I also need to improve my writing skills - and no I'm not talking about grammar, spelling or doing jack about my fragmented sentences or my run on sentences - I am talking about embracing the writer I once was and the writer I am meant to be - comical, relatable and all the wonderful things that come with having a conversation with me
  8. Actually start up projects that I have been dreaming up for myself for years - bc girl the only thing holding you back is YOU. Projects include but are not limited to:
    1. Launching an online store
    2. Designing and selling your own creations like: 
      1. plants you've grown 
      2. art
      3. curated clothes and thrift finds
  9. With that happening - or me attempting to make it happen - I want all my stuff to live in one place - so I will likely need to move off of the application that has hosted this blog all these years an on to an application with other capabilities - So I will be moving chicXicana.com; currently looking at different platforms/applications... 
  10. AND with that I need to actually develop the lifestyle brand that chicXicana was always intended to be - wish me luck because I really need to commit to this and have some real discipline on this...
  11. A very big goal that I have for myself is to learn to work as hard for MYSELF as I do for my paycheck, provided by the "man" - the corporation, I need to take that energy and hustle and put it towards myself - and need to constantly remind myself that it will be worth it (going from corporate monster to maybe eventually small business/entrepreneur monster)
  12. Some skills I need to work on in order to support myself in becoming and creating/developing the chicXicana brand include but are not limited to: 
    1. Learn more about producing all types of content; written, video and general design
    2. Get back into photography
    3. Dig deep and find/rediscover the social skills I once had before I started hating everyone... 
    4. Be a better connector of people, be more willing to help others (good karma comes back around)
  13. Get your MA or MBA online or whatever - stop acting like it is hard - but also probably wait it out until it is affordable again or get with it and work on getting scholarships (ugh! pep talk yourself daily if you have to - like if I have to tell you one more time how much of a genius you are I am going to scream)
  14. Plan a roadtrip and have fun - like your passport expired and you need to renew it - COVID19 ruined all your vacation plans for the year - go some where - explore and eat some good food and shut the F up.
  15. Take more photos of yourself - um excuse me you use to be so photogenic like what happened - it is like you are afraid of the camera - reality check the camera loves you - say cheese, eat cheese, flash flash take the G D picture!!!
  16. Spend quality time with your family - they are the most important people in the world - appreciate the time you have with them
  17. Continue your journey to stregnthen your natural talents - practice intuition by learning more about Tarot; embrace your green thumb and be the plant mom you want to be ! 

That's it - goals are definitely more focused on my own personal growth this time around? Is she having a mid-life crisis? Maybe - but feels like I'm been in this crisis mode since I graduated from college TEN YEARS AGO - I guess it is time that I do some stuff about it outside of my corporate career. 

This is me sometime last Tuesday - at Dolores Park laughing at Adrian...

thanks for reading this far - xo, chicXicana